Hitchhiking to Vienna

After spending five days in Prague, I join William for a few days to hitchhike with zero money through Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.

Episode Thirty-One: The Long Road to Vienna

After waking up in a small Austrian village, William and I spent the entire day trying to hitchhike to Vienna. By the time we finally did, it was late in the evening and we still had no idea what was in store for us.

Episode Thirty: We Took a Risk Hitchhiking

William and I arrive in Bratislava with fellow hitchhiker Desina. We tour the city, and after saying goodbye to Desina we take a risk and try to make our way to Vienna via hitchhiking. Not long after, we find ourselves walking along dirt roads in Austrian country in the pitch dark.

Episode Twenty-Nine: Making Friends Hitchhiking

On my second day with William, take a bus out of Brno, Czech Republic and try hitchhiking to Bratislava. The location is not great, so I am surprised when we make a friend along the way.

Episode Twenty-Eight: Hitchhiking With No Money

Abba and I ran into William from France while we were visiting Prague. William has been traveling for five months with no money. He hitchhikes and talks to locals who help find him places to stay and food to eat. Having no plans myself for a couple weeks, I decide to spend a few days with him and learn his ways. This is day one.

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