Videos van Belgium

After a week of adventure in Barcelona, I got on a plane to Brussels, Belgium where I eventually met with a wonderful host family on a farm and was able to visit many surrounding cities.

Episode Twenty-One: Increase the Cycle-Jog

On my last day in Belgium, I rode a bicycle along the river.

Episode Twenty: Someone Find Marco

A lazy day in Kortrijk, Belgium. I learn about the amazing innovations going on in the Belgian fence industry.

Episode Nineteen: Beer Festival in Bruges

I spent the day helping to set up a beer festival in Bruges. I found time to take a break and visit the city.

Episode Eighteen: A Day in Amsterdam

I wake up to a funny surprise and then head off into the city with a new friend.

Episode Seventeen: Challenges on the Road to Amsterdam

It took me an entire day to get to Amsterdam as I struggled with trains again, but it's all about the journey right?!

Episode Sixteen: Education in Rabbit Anatomy

On the farm I am staying at in Belgium rabbits are raised and killed for families in the community to eat.

Episode Fifteen: Introduction to Life on a Farm

I arrived on a farm in Belgium where I will spend some time as I visit other cities and learn about raising sheep. Could not have asked for a better family to stay with.

Episode Fourteen: How do Trains Work?

Time to meet up with a family who live on a farm in Belgium. Trying to navigate the train system and failing.

Episode Thirteen: Searching for Boots in Brussels

After a day of much needed rest in Brussels, I go explore the city for the day.

Episode Twelve: Rough Start Towards Belgium

I left Barcelona at 3am with little sleep and had a rocky start on my journey to Belgium. That's what you get when you buy the cheapest airplane ticket you can find.

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