I left the United States in January of 2016 to travel the world for the sake of adventure and self-reliance. I don't have any plans; going where the wind blows me. I spent the first week in Barcelona, Spain.

Episode Eleven: Taking my Skinny Pants to Belgium

On my last day in Spain I went shopping with friends before a long journey to Belgium in the evening/early morning.

Episode Ten: More Walking and the Quest for Dinner

A new hostel leads me to discover a fresh part of the city, and by nine o'clock in the evening I'm starving and making my way to one of the other hostels for dinner.

Episode Nine: We Took a Picture

We walked from our hostel to a few famous sites in Barcelona. Along the way we picked up a couple travelers.

Episode Eight: Sunrise on the Beach

I got no sleep again and decided to get out of bed early in the morning and go see the sunrise on the beach.

Episode Seven: Recovering from Friday Night

After a night of drinking and getting little sleep, I took a six hour stroll through the city of Barcelona and took it all in.

Episode Six: 4AM

On my second day in Barcelona I fell in with a hostel that loved to party. At 4AM I was more tired than I ever remember being.

Episode Five: Sightseeing Leads to a New Hostel and a Night of Party

My third second day in Barcelona. I kept my eyes out for a place to stay (nap) in the afternoon while sight-seeing on the West side of the city. Hostel One gave me rest and eased my social anxiety. Learn more about the Hostel One experience [here.](https://danielforkner.com/hostel-one/)

Episode Four: Overcoming Fear of Conversation

Episode Three: Arrival in Barcelona

My first day in Barcelona was a bit terrifying for me. I felt a little overwhelmed and did not know how to get around. I eventually found a hostel to stay at for the night but was so tired and fatigued while waiting to check in that I was worried I would pass out.

Episode Two: Arriving to and Departing the Airport

Episode One: Getting Packed

I did not plan out my packing needs very well. I started throwing stuff together the day before I left. Couldn't have done it without the help from my nephews.

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