Videos from Italy/Budapest

I made my way from Belgium via Italy to land in Budapest, Hungary for a two week sojourn.

Episode Twenty-Six: How I Memorize Directions in Snowy Prague

After two weeks in Budapest, I continued with Abba to Prague. Going on walking tours is a great place to meet people and learn about the city you're in. On this particular walking tour I met someone who would provide an unexpected and unreal experience the following few days.

Episode Twenty-Five: German Engineering in Budapest

A typical day in Budapest. After we do some chores, I explain to you guys how to step your [shave game up](, and then we go on a pub crawl in the ruin bars of the Jewish quarter.

Episode Twenty-Four: Hungry in Hungary

Spent the day recovering from a night of karaoke. Then we walked the city with Kevin, I climbed a mountain, and we cooked dinner.

Episode Twenty-Three: The Road from Italy to Hungary

Making my way from Milan to Budapest, and coming up with business ideas on the way.

Episode Twenty-Two: Venice is the Greatest City in the World

On my way to Budapest, I met a friend in Venice. We spent the day with a fellow American we met on the road, rode in a boat, and took snapchats with locals.

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