Traveling in Morocco

I traveled to Morocco to participate in a journalism program. The program itself was five weeks long, and I did some exploring when I could. I enjoyed Morocco so much I extended my stay.

Episode Forty-Three: The Descent

On the third day of our Toubkal expedition we finally descend the mountain and go back home. It was a long and rewarding journey.

Episode Forty-Two: The Summit

After a good night's rest we wake up at 5am and summit the mountain.

Episode Forty-One: Making a Video Again

Finishing the final bit of hiking on the first day of a three day hike up and down Toubkal. We rest at a lodge at the base of the mountain before waking up at 4am the next morning to begin the ascent to the summit.

Episode Forty: Hiking Toubkal in Style

First day of hiking Toubkal, the highest mountain peak in North Africa. Do these glasses make me look like a girl?

Episode Thirty-Nine: Journey to Toubkal

After our adventure in the Sahara desert, we set out to climb Toubkal, the tallest mountain peak in North Africa (13,671 ft). Our van picked us up at 11pm, we arrived at 5:30am, and immediately began hiking.

Episode Thirty-Eight: Goodbye Sahara

On our last day in the Sahara we got up early. A stimulating SUV tour is followed by the long road home.

Episode Thirty-Seven: Now We Ride

Second day in the Sahara desert. After being (rudely) woken up underneath the blue sky, we set out on bicycles, visit a festival, make our own party, and end the night with more music and dancing.

Episode Thirty-Six: Camels Can Only Take You So Far

Now we are really in the desert. Let's ride camels and climb sand dunes.

Episode Thirty-Five: Oasis in the Desert

On our way to the Sahara desert, we stop to explore the Ziz Valley near Errachidia, Morocco.

Episode Thirty-Four: Journey to Sahara

After three weeks getting acclimated in Morocco I felt the call of the desert.

Episode Thirty-Three: What's In Store for Morocco?

The time to cross the border into Morocco has arrived. Just one problem: I'm terrified.

Episode Thirty-Two: Self-Injection

In Vienna, Austria. I was accepted into a journalism program in Morocco, and when I realized I needed a couple vaccines, I tried to find a clinic that would offer them. It was more difficult than I imagined, and the result was me playing doctor on myself in a hostel bathroom.

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